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Positive results from Immunoscore® study presented at ASCO 2016

Dr Jérôme Galon, Research Director at Inserm, Head of the laboratory of Integrative Cancer Immunology, Paris, France, and Scientific Advisor of IO Biotech presented at ASCO 2016 the very positive results of the international initiative, the Immunoscore® study. The assay was developed to predict the ability of a person’s immune system to fight tumor cells and its performance has already been documented in a number of studies for its ability to predict recurrence in colon cancer.

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Innovation Fund Denmark grants Industrial PhD Project

IO Biotech has been granted an Industrial PhD project entitled 'Characterisation of a PD-L1-based cancer vaccine in vivo' from Innovation Fund Denmark. The Industrial PhD will be performed in collaboration with Department of Immunology and Microbiology, University of Copenhagen, between June 2016 and June 2019.

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IO Biotech invited to speak at BioEquity Europe 2016

IO Biotech is pleased to be invited to present at Bio€quity Europe, which this year is venued in Copenhagen. This is a much welcomed chance to elaborate on the company's scentific findings and current research to the financial community and international business development professionals.

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