• Technology


The discovery of naturally occurring, proinflammatory T-cells specific for immune inhibitory molecules (e.g., IDO and PD-L1) – termed ‘anti-regulatory T-cells’ - laid the basis for the IO Biotech approach. We aim to target and activate these self-reactive T-cells that can specifically remove the unwanted cells in the tumor microenvironment.

IO Biotech’s Immue-Regulating Vaccines have a multifaceted mode of actions: they activate the patients’ own cytotoxic T-cells towards immune suppressive cells or cancer cells presenting the target peptide, hence the vaccines act in two ways:

  1. Direct anti-cancer effect by killing of target expressing tumor cells

  2. Elimination of immune-suppressive cells, thereby augmenting the effector responses of surrounding T-cells in vaccinated cancer patients

In addition, Immune-Regulating Vaccines have the potential to induce long-term immunity.