IO103: IO Biotech’s lead anti-cancer therapy targeting PD-L1

IO103 is a anti-cancer therapy containing an XX-mer PD-L1-derived peptide. it is a disruptive immune modulating anti-cancer therapy with dual mode of action killing both cancer and immuno suppressive cells.

IO103 is first-in-class PD-L1 disruptive anti-cancer therapy which potentially can be the ideal safe and effective add-on treatment to checkpoint inhibitors for multiple cancer indications.

Clinical status

Currently three Investigator Initiated Trials is ongoing with IO103

• Phase I: Multiple myeloma
• Phase I: Follicular lymphoma
• Phase I/II: Melanoma

Pre-clinical and clinical data

IO Biotech has published following preclinical data related to PDL1

• Direct effect:
- Killing of PD-L1+ cells (cancer and immune suppressive cells)
• Indirect effect:
- Boosting of anti-viral immunity (T-cell activity)
- Boosting of anti-cancer therapies (T-cell activity)
- Boosting of anti-cancer immunity

In addition, non-published data from phase I study confirms IO103 as safe and well tolerated.