IO Biotech is a clinical stage biotech company developing disruptive immune therapies for the treatment of cancer. Our pipeline of first-in-class immune modulating anti-cancer therapies is based on a unique platform technology enabling the activation of T cells that are specific for immune inhibitory molecules.

IO Biotech has achieved a proven track record of progressing compounds to the clinic and has two lead immune modulating anti-cancer therapies targeting IDO and PD-L1 in clinical development and several compounds finalizing preclinical phase.

IO Biotech has an experienced management team within immuno-oncology fields and a world-class advisory board.

IO Biotech is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.


IO Biotech has a unique and novel technology platform, T-win®, for developing immune modulating anti-cancer therapies.

Through targeting cells expressing immune regulating proteins, a dual mode of action of our immune modulating anti-cancer therapies is obtained:

• Recognition and elimination of tumor cells
• Recognition and elimination of immune suppressive cells

The T-win technology is therefore unique in that the compounds directly target tumor cells and tumor micro environment and initiate a dynamic process of activating the host immune system, which can then be exploited by concurrent or subsequent therapies.

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IO Biotech has an advanced clinical portfolio of first-in-class immune modulating anti-cancer therapies with three compounds in phase I or phase I/II.

Our lead compound IO102, targeting IDO, has shown promising anti-tumor efficacy in a phase I clinical trial in NSCLC and a large phase II combination trial is currently ongoing. Our second lead, IO103, targets PD-L1 and three clinical trials are ongoing in multiple myeloma, follicular lymphoma and melanoma. In addition, several compounds are in the late pre-clinical phase

Our preclinical data support a dual mode of action of T-win platform, where our immune modulating anti-cancer therapies both eliminate immune-suppressive cells and cancer cells expressing the target. Clinical data from our trials show a favorable safety profile as well as promising signs of efficacy.

Our immune modulating anti-cancer therapies can potentially offer the ideal safe and effective add-on treatment to e.g. checkpoint inhibitors - or as monotherapy for a niche indication.

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